Model Behavior is the first segment from the one hundred and eleventh episode of Garfield and Friends.


A supermodel goes on a date with Jon, with the secret intention of getting Garfield.


Jon Arbuckle and Garfield arrive at a beach, with the intention of a picnic before Jon spots Heather St. Clair, a famous model, doing a photoshoot on the pier. Becoming distracted by her, he ends up walking into the ocean. After she finishes, St. Clair spots Garfield through a tower viewer, and plans to coax Jon into giving him up, claiming she is able to get anything she pleases. After Jon daydreams about her, she approaches him and asks him if he'd like to come away with her, much to Garfield and Jon's shock. After privately celebrating, Jon agrees to go with her, before she requests he bring Garfield.

Later and while Heather is recklessly driving on the road, Jon claims he wants to get better acquainted with her, before she reveals that she wants to take Arbuckle and Garfield to her place in the mountains via an airplane. After Jon claims the airport to be the opposite way, she reveals that she has her own private airplane. They arrive at the airplane and Garfield tries to get out of going, but is brought on by Jon. They take off, and Arbuckle questions the flight's turbulence. She reveals that she hasn't gotten to that lesson, as well as skipping landing. After Heather, feeling invigorated, decides to leave the plane via a parachute, Jon and Garfield reluctantly follow. Their parachute fails to open until near the ground before they land in a tree.

After they fall to the ground, Heather manages to coax Jon into go skiing with her, much to Garfield's dismay. While having trouble skiing, Jon tries to break up with her, before he and Garfield fly into a snow pile. After climbing out, Jon declares that they aren't meant for one another. She then requests that she get something to remember him by: his cat. Jon refuses, claiming that Garfield and him are inseparable which angers Heather, who declares she was only going out with him for Garfield. While Jon talks about his friendship with Garfield, they both find that she has moved onto a mountain man, with the intentions of getting his goat. The two then decide to leave, with Garfield claiming that Jon is now being dumped by classier women.


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  • Beach Visitors
  • Food Stand Employee
  • Mountain Man (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Goat

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