I Love to Play My Bugle is a song Roy Rooster sings when he promises he'll do a better job at waking the farm in Cock-a-Doodle Dandy.


Roy Rooster

  • I didn’t wake ‘em up this morning like I’m supposed to do,
  • I got to do my job,
  • Or they'll find someone new,
  • I used to wake 'em up at dawn’s early light,
  • Using bells, and buzzers, even dynamite!
  • They said “No! Stop that noise!”,
  • Then I found a finer way to wake the boys,
  • I’m so cool,
  • I’m so hip,
  • Since I got my bugle, call me Mr. Lip!
  • You want to wake up in the morning,
  • That’s what you say,
  • Then wake up to the bugle music that I play,
  • I love to get you up with this horn blown blues,
  • It’s a whole lot hotter than cock-a-doodle-doos,
  • I can blow,
  • I can play,
  • I can wake you up swinging every day,
  • I play blues,
  • I play swing,
  • I love to play my bugle man,
  • That’s my thing!
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