Not to be confused with Miss Kitty from Garfield and Friends or Kitty from Garfield's Babes and Bullets.

Miss Kitty works as a dancer in Glitter Gulch saloon with two similar-looking female cats and was one of Dr. Whipple's former henchmen. She is known for having charmed Garfield and almost breaking his relationship with Arlene. She has a change of heart and told Garfield and the others of Dr. Whipple's plan. She became friends with Arlene in the end.



Miss Kitty has pearl coloured fur with additional fur on her head. She also has shamrock coloured eye shadow with eyelashes and a crepe coloured nose. Behind her ear is a coral coloured flower and two feathers in her fur.


She wears a monotonous cherry coloured dress with wine coloured details and mahogany colored boots.


When seen for the first time, Miss Kitty seems attracted to Garfield. She accompanies him during dinner in saloon, which leads to their meeting in Kitty's room. They dance with each other, until Arlene interrupts them. She had a change of heart by exposing Dr. Whipple's plan and becoming friends with Arlene.


The Garfield Show

Season 4


  • Miss Kitty resembles Mindy, with additional fur on her head and light green eye shadow.
  • Miss Kitty resembles another character named Miss Kitty. The differences the two Miss Kitties include: lack of lipstick, green eye shadow instead of blue, simpler fashioned dress (without blue details), feathers instead of bonnet and flower pinned to ear.


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