Mini-Mall Matters is the last segment of the twenty-eighth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield gives a lesson on mini-malls.


Garfield presents an educational show on mini-malls. He starts by showing how mini-malls are grown- by using seeds and watering them. Garfield details all of the stores in a typical mini-mall, including parking spaces and employees. Odie suddenly appears, upset about something. Garfield, who is busy with the presentation, is not concerned.

Next, Garfield goes into a frozen yogurt store. Odie again tries in vain to warn Garfield about something. After talking about taking numbers, Garfield gets one of his own- 3478. The soda jerk calls numbers, starting with 3, to Garfield’s dismay. When he finally reaches 3478, the soda jerk gives Garfield the flavor options, then offers a complimentary cone of yogurt. Garfield is not satisfied due to the lack of lasagna flavored yogurt, and throws the cone right in the soda jerk's face.

When Garfield leaves the store, Odie comes running to him in a panic. An annoyed Garfield finally sees what is the problem. Odie shows him that he cannot get the water main shut off. The mini-mall is being over-irrigated, eventually causing it to float away in the river. Garfield and Odie chase after it in a canoe, only for it to become lost in the ocean. Garfield notes that they can always grow another mini-mall, then concludes the show.

A shipwrecked man on a remote island is watching Garfield’s show on a television set. He states that he has never seen a mini-mall before. At that moment, the one that escaped from Garfield crash lands on the island. He runs into the frozen yogurt store, desperately seeking food. The soda jerk advises him to take a number, which is 2912. The soda jerk calls out numbers again, starting with 6, while the caveman waits for his turn.


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Cultural References

  • While talking about parts of mini-malls, Garfield mentions Minnie Mouse.
  • The name of the river is Muncie River.


  • In the shot of Garfield and Odie going after the mini-mall floating away, a couple of the clouds are stationary while some other clouds move.

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