Meet the Parents is the twenty-secondUS/sixteenthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Liz and her parents come to visit Jon's house, but Garfield and Odie have to behave.


Jon gets the house ready to meet Liz's parents, Betty and Robert. Jon wants Garfield and Odie to be well-behaved while they visit, promising them a reward if they do so. Garfield starts sabotaging Odie's efforts to be clean and well-behaved, so he can have the reward to himself. 

Sometime later, the Wilsons arrive at the house. Jon begins having an awkward conversation with Robert, leading to a bad start for their relationship. Betty then introduces Jon, Garfield, and Odie to her canary, Petey. Garfield decides to eat Petey; to his shock, Petey seems to actually want to be eaten.

Every time Garfield tries to avoid eating Petey, Jon gives him a warning when it seems that he is doing so. Garfield goes upstairs to take a nap, only for Petey to arrive and then fly out of an open window. Garfield tries to go after Petey and convince him to stay with Betty, but Petey tells him that he would like to be free instead of being smothered by her. Petey flys away, leaving Betty heartbroken. While Liz tries to comfort Betty, Robert tells Jon that he could never stand Petey and is thus happy to have him gone for good. Jon earns Robert's respect, and Garfield earns his reward. 


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Cultural References

  • "Meet the Parents" is also the name of a movie.


  • When Liz's parents are sitting on the couch, a different picture is on the wall on the right side.
  • In the closed captions, when Jon tells Odie to get off Betty, it says "Odie! Come in the house!"
  • When Liz tries to comfort Betty, her mouth does not move.
  • When Robert says “It’s a miracle”, his mouth does not move.

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