Me, Garfield and I is the forty-fifth episode from the second season of The Garfield Show.


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Garfield finds a cloning ray, which he takes advantage of in order to do multiple things at once.


Jon wants Garfield, who is watching TV, to go on a run with him. Garfield refuses and pushes Jon out of the house. Jon lets Garfield off for now.

It gets worse as when Garfield retuens to watch his favorite game show, Odie shows up with a stick and wants Garfield to throw it. He then goes on to throw Odie out of the house.

Next, Nermal wants Garfield to attend a meeting of the "International Neraml Fan Club". Garfield reluctently joins, for he promised him that he would join the club if Nermal left him alone for a week.

Right after joining, Garfield left and wished that he could be in 8 plaves at the same time. He then went to watch his favorite game show which to his surprise, was interuppted by breaking news that Professor Bonkers had made a cloning machine, which the Professor denied, but after heading inside, another Professor Bonkers went out.

Garfield, thinking that this might solve his situation, went to check it out. The facility in which the cloning ray was held housed many Professor Bonkers, all working to inprove the prototype cloning ray. One of the professors told him t get out of here but made no effort himself to get Garfield out.

Garfield steals it when the professors weren't there and went to make copies of himself to do theultiple tasks listed above. Then he resumes watching the game show.

When Vito arrives with a box of pizza, Garfield goes and fires the clone ray at him indefinetly, so that he would get a lot of pizzas.

Tired from all of the work, the Garfield clones went to protest against the real Garfield. They all wanted to make their own clones to do stuff for them. They fought over the machine, and it misfired and hit numerous other characters including Odie and Jon.

Jon want all of the clones to dissapear and a Proffesor Bonker tells him that they will after a period of time. Garfield thinks of a way to wait for that time and the epiode finishes off with a dozen Vitos serving pizza to all of the clones, who were watching Garfield's favorite game show.


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Cultural References

  • The episode title may be a reference to "Me, Myself and I".

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