Mayor Grafton Podium

Mayor Grafton (voiced by Chuck McCann) is the former mayor of Garfield's town.


Mayor Grafton was known for being a dishonest and corrupt mayor. As revealed by a reporter lady, his past illegal actions were robbing the city of millions, selling city hall to a foreign country, accepting bribes, cheating, and lying. When the reporter asks if there was anything good he has done to the city, Grafton got an idea from Vito to pass a law to be nice to cats.

With the help of Professor Bonkers, Mayor Grafton created robots that pass out find tickets to anyone who is mean to a cat. Seeking to change the law after getting charged, Garfield went to city hall where he overheard Grafton talking on the phone about his plan to steal all the money from the people. Garfield eventually gets him to unwittingly confess his corrupt plan to several reporters. He was arrested for his crooked ways.


The Garfield Show

Season 3

Season 4


  • He likes to dress up in a zebra costume.
  • Despite being arrested in his first appearance, Grafton can still be seen in later episodes.
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