Master Control (voiced by Mark Hamill) was a large robot who planned the invasion of Earth in The Garfield Show five-part episode, The Mean Machine.

Physical Appearance

His initial form is a giant egg-shaped probe; his secondary form consists of two large arms, two small arms, no legs, and one red eye. He also has a pair of yak horn-shaped antenna with a blue spark crossing each other.


He is notably evil, getting upset over a usage from technology and sees that Garfield was the most dangerous reason, so he decides to eliminate him. He does get very strict with his servant, Techno, and punishes him in at the end of their endeavor. After he failed, his personality was then changed to work for Garfield, even though he still looked like a bad guy because of his cyclops look.


Master Control was defeated by Garfield when he shut Goliath down with a magnet watch that makes him go crazy and one of the shields get caught in the plug. As Master Control goes down, he gets upset and goes to his egg mode and bounces on the ground and closes his single eye.


The Garfield Show

Season 4


Cultural References

  • Master Control has a mouth similar to that of Darth Vader's, except it moves as he talks.
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