Marian Arbuckle (later Marian John) (voiced by June Foray) is Jon Arbuckle's cousin and the spouse of Harold John.

Physical Appearance

Marian has long brown hair and eyelashes. While visiting Jon, she wears magenta lipstick, a short bubblegum pink dress with lengthened sleeves and same-colored high heels.

When being wed, she wears a white wedding dress with a white veil, while holding pink flowers. After the wedding is ruined, thanks to Garfield, her dress has almost visible food stains.


She is shown to be quite excited about being wed to Harold, shown as she states her happiness to be called "Marian John". She is also calm, shown as she didn't get angry with Jon when Garfield wrecked the church.


Wedding Bell Blues

More to come.


Garfield and Friends

Season 3

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