Mama Meany

Mama Meany (voiced by Gregg Berger) is a recurring antagonist in The Garfield Show.


Mama Meany made his first appearance in Perfect Pizza when Garfield discovered that Jon had ordered pizza from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace instead of Vito's (Mostly because Jon had a coupon to Mama Meany's) At first Mama was believed to be a woman until it was discovered that Mama is actually a man and revealed that his machine created the rubber pizzas. Later when he learned that Eddie Gourmand, the famous food critic, called in an order for a large pizza from Vito's, Mama and one of his henchman began to chase Garfield and Jon (Who deliver the pizza since Vito's van wasn't working) to stop the order. However after Eddie tasted both pizzas Mama's lost all of his customers to Vito and planned to make the machine make snow tires, even commenting how both taste the same.

He later appeared again this time running a con shopping channel as he and the host sold false products on TV. When he learned that Garfield planned to get his money back, he ordered the security guards to capture him and not refund his money. However when Garfield recorded Mama's and the host's voice on the recorder talking about their scam, Mama was forced to give back all the money and give Garfield a three-year supply of bubble wrap.


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  • Many older fans believe that Mama Meany is based on Papa Plastic from the original due to similarities of both characters
    • Both ran a pizza place where the food is terrible.
    • Both attempt to ruin their competition.
    • Both lost due to Garfield.


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