Mama Meany (voiced by Gregg Berger) is a recurring antagonist in The Garfield Show.

Physical Appearance

Despite his first name, Mama Meany is a man. He has a large girth and wears a cowboy hat that hides the upper half of his face.


Meany is a very sleazy and greedy businessman who likes to scam people into going into his restaurants using his tempting sales and coupons. He apparently lacks real human integrity and does not care that his food tastes terrible, just as long as the public is dumb enough to fall for his tricks. This public confession is what caused Garfield to defeat him and get his establishments closed down in his final appearance.


Perfect Pizza

Mama Meany made his first appearance in "Perfect Pizza", when Garfield discovered that Jon Arbuckle had ordered pizza from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace (due to a coupon) instead of Vito's. At first, Mama was believed to be a woman before Garfield and Jon met him personally. He revealed that his machine created the rubber pizzas. When he learned that Eddie Gourmand, the famous food critic, had called in an order for a large pizza from Vito's, Mama and one of his henchman try to sabotage the delivery. They chased Garfield and Jon, who were delivering the pizza due to Vito's van malfunctioning. After Eddie tasted both pizzas, Mama's lost all of his customers to Vito.


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  • Mama Meany shares some similarities to Papa Plastique from Mama Manicotti:
    • Both are the owners of a pizza parlor.
    • Both of their restaurants served terrible food.
    • Both attempt to ruin their competition.
    • Both lost due to Garfield.


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