Mama Manicotti is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield, Odie, and Jon help make Mama Manicotti famous by proving that one cannot duplicate recipes cooked with love.


Garfield, Jon, and Odie are going on vacation and stop to get something to eat at Papa Plastique's Pizza Parlor. The pizza they have is terrible. So, they leave and keep driving until Garfield gets a whiff of something. He tells Jon to stop the car and finds the source of Italian cuisine coming from a nice restaurant off the side of the road owned by a woman named Mama Manicotti, who is also the only staff member. She offers to let them stay with her for their vacation.

Her business is not that good, as she is surprised when she thinks she has another customer. It is actually Papa Plastique, who wants to buy her recipes and make money off of them, an offer she declines. Plastique sends his lackey to the restaurant and steal the recipes while no one was looking.

Jon stays in the room of Mama's late husband Arnold while Garfield and Odie stay downstairs in the restaurant. The lackey sneaks in to get the recipes, with Garfield and Odie easily thwarting him. Plastique apologizes for the attempt and makes one last deal with Mama: if his chefs cannot match her cooking, he will pay her $10,000. And so, the deal is made and Garfield tastes Plastique's chefs version of mama's recipe. Each time, Garfield is either revolted or not impressed with the recipe. Therefore, Plastique surrenders and pays the money.

Soon, Mama's business was booming and she had even reserved a special table for the trio as her guests of honor. And Mama's secret is that she always tastes her food and adds just the right amount until it is perfect, showing that true cooking comes from the heart.


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