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Mama Manicotti (Voiced by June Foray) was the chef, waitress and owner of Mama's in the Garfield and Friends episode following her name.

Physical Appearance

Manicotti has gray hair in a hair bun, pearl earrings and dark pink lipstick. She wears a green dress, a white apron, light gray socks and pink slippers.

In the nighttime, her only difference in appearance is that she wears a light pink gown.


Mama is shown to be kind, letting Jon Arbuckle stay in her late husband's room, as well as letting Garfield and Odie sleep downstairs. She is also protective, refusing to sell her recipes to Papa Plastique even when almost bankrupt.


Mama Manicotti

Before the episode's main plot, it is revealed that Mama has been struggling in business, and that Papa Plastique has been trying to buy her recipes for a while.

Jon Arbuckle, Garfield and Odie stop at her restaurant with Garfield entering first. He tries her spaghetti and claims it to be the best he has ever tasted. While serving food to the trio, she offers them a bedroom. She, in surprise, hears the doorbell, before finding it out to be Papa Plastique. He tries to buy her recipes, but is refused. He claims that she'll go bankrupt, and that she'll "beg" to sell the recipes to him, prompting her to question if what she did was right.

Into the nighttime, she allows Jon to sleep in the spare bedroom, which belonged to her late husband, the former cashier. Jon asks her if it's okay for her pets to sleep near the kitchen, which she reveals she has no aversion to. After Garfield and Odie foil Papa Plastique's private investigator after he tries to steal the recipes, she and Jon discover this fact. The next day, Plastique apologies to her, and again, tries to buy her recipes but she refuses again. He then strikes a deal with her: if his chefs can't recreate her cooking, he will give her ten thousand dollars, which she accepts.

They use Garfield as the taste tester, while Plastique's chefs try to duplicate her spaghetti sauce recipe. She complains that they use fake ingredients and forces them to use real ingredients. They fail each time and Plastique gives in to Manicotti, giving her the ten thousand dollars. A year later, the trio return back to her restaurant and discover that after advertising her restaurant, she became a hit. She has reserved a table for the three before Garfield reveals that the reason her food tasted good was due to the fact that she put in the right ingredients at the right time, and that it came from her heart.


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