Maine Course is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon gets a lobster to cook; he ends up keeping it as a pet.


As Garfield is taking a nap, the doorbell rings so many times prompting the cat to tell Jon about it. The person at the door is a saleswoman from the restaurant "Lobster on Wings" here to deliver a fresh lobster from Jon's Aunt Tilly and Uncle Mitchell. Getting a lobster, the three decide to cook it for dinner.

As Garfield is reading a cookbook on lobster dishes, Jon is about to grab it and cook it. Suddenly the lobster snaps at Jon's hand and crawls out onto table as the three are shocked that the lobster is still alive. Garfield tries to fight the lobster with a rolling pin only for the pin to break while Jon gets the boiled water ready. Despite numerous tries to get the lobster, neither Garfield nor Jon have the will to cook it.

Deciding they're not going to eat the lobster; Garfield, Jon and Odie wonder what to do with it. First they suggest taking it to an aquarium but the aquarium says it has too many lobsters due to a number of irate customers from "Lobster on Wings." Finally they agree to adopt it as their pet, calling it Therm after the dish Lobster Thermidor. After giving it a place to live (a bathtub filled with cold salt water) the three become fond of it and go into a song about how a lobster makes a good pet.

After a while the three see that Therm isn't feeling well. Jon sees that Therm hasn't eaten anything since arriving at the house, so they decide to take him home. Getting plane tickets to Maine, the three release him at the beach and once he feels the ocean, Therm happily heads in. Garfield admits he's going to miss him and Jon says they should have a salad bar to honor Therm as Garfield hopes they don't get too friendly with the pasta salad.


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Cultural References

  • The title of the episode alludes to the term "main course", as well as the state of Maine, where lobsters are commonly found for seafood cuisine.
  • At the airport, Garfield is dressed like Charlie Brown from Peanuts. When Therm pops out of the pot there, Garfield quotes Charlie Brown's "Good grief!"

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