Mailman Blues is the thirty-sixthUS/thirty-seventhEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


When a subsitute mailman takes Herman Post's place while he's on vacation, Garfield gives out a seven step guide to harassing a mailman.



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  • Parts of the plot were reused from "The Mail Animal". Both episodes have a new mailman (Mr. Letterman and Stu respectively) who replace Herman to deliver the mail. They initially do not believe that Garfield is a threat until Garfield gives them a barrage of traps, leading Herman to reclaim his job.
  • Garfield's 7 Steps to Harassing a Mailman Successfully
    1. Establish a climate of confidence. Let him believe he's safe at first, even if you have to demean yourself a bit.
    2. Showtime
    3. Make life interesting
    4. Think big
    5. Think bigger
    6. All-out war
    7. Give yourself a pat of the back for a job well done! And celebrate in style!


  • When Stu approaches the mail slot in a fake bush, Garfield's eyes are visible in his bush.
  • When Stu skips out the post office, he is not wearing a mailbag. The mailbag reappears when he is laughing.

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