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Mailman Blues is the 36thUS/37thEU episode of Season 1 of The Garfield Show.


When a substitute mailman takes Herman Post's place while he is on vacation, Garfield gives out a seven step guide to harassing a mailman.


At the post office, the manager is busy working on a schedule shift. Herman Post is going out of town on a two week vacation, and they need a substitute to cover his route while he is away. He may have found the one who will take care of it, unaware of who lives on that route.

The Arbuckles are going grocery shopping. As they leave for the store, Herman is guiding his substitute, a recent mailman school graduate named Stu, on the route he will cover and explains to him why he is going on vacation. He shows Stu the Arbuckle residence and warns about the terror that is Garfield.

Stu questions how Garfield could cause trouble as Herman explains some of the things he did to him last week, like tickling him into submission and taking his mailbag and throwing the mail everywhere. Stu does not believe any of this and goes to deliver the Arbuckles' mail. Stu says confidently that he will be able to cover Herman's route, while Herman thinks otherwise.

Day 1: Garfield finds out that Stu is filling in for Herman and Herman must be on his annual vacation. Not wanting to wait the whole two weeks, Garfield plans to make sure Stu quits and Herman comes back sooner. First, he plays innocent and act friendly toward Stu who buys it and does not think he will be any trouble.

Day 2: When Stu puts the mail through the slot, Garfield shoves it back out. Jon catches wind of this and scolds Garfield for his behavior, and Garfield responses that he cannot resist.

Day 3: Still irked from yesterday's trick, Stu demands that whomever gets the mail not shove it back out. It works until the envelopes start marching back to Stu, freaking him out. Stu flees for his truck, only to find it was Garfield's mouse friends that were putting on an act. Stu warns Garfield that he will not get away with his behavior.

Day 4: Stu comes equipped with a water pistol to squirt Garfield with should he provoke him. Little does he know that Garfield has booby trapped the doorstep with a spring launchpad that sends Stu flying. He then squirts Stu with his own gun.

Day 5: Stu seems safe until he finds Garfield in his truck with a giant fan, which blows the mail all over the neighborhood.

Stu calls Herman who is enjoying his vacation. Stu begs Herman to come back and help him. Herman refuses, leaving Stu alone to deliver the mail to Garfield's house.

Final Day: Stu sneaks up to the mailbox, only to find Garfield lying in wait for him. Garfield blows a whistle, and Stu shrugs it off, thinking it did not work. Garfield then corrects him saying he used a special kind of dog whistle that only summons a pack of hyperactive chihuahuas. The chihuahuas attack Stu, and Garfield informs the viewers that the carnage is too gruesome for them to see.

Desperately seeking a transfer, Stu begs the manager to remove him from the route with Garfield. Having known this would happen, the manager calls Herman to tell him to end his vacation abruptly and come back, even going so far as to offer a raise. Herman agrees, hangs up, and tells the viewers that he gets a raise for ending his vacation abruptly every year. Once Stu hears he is off the route, he becomes overjoyed and cheers over how he will never see Garfield again. Garfield celebrates with a nice tray of lasagna and jokingly wonders where the mail is.


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  • Parts of the plot were reused from "The Mail Animal". Both episodes have a new mailman (Mr. Letterman and Stu respectively) who replace Herman to deliver the mail. They initially do not believe that Garfield is a threat until Garfield gives them a barrage of traps, leading Herman to reclaim his job.
  • Garfield's 7 Steps to Harassing a Mailman Successfully
    1. Establish a climate of confidence. Let him believe he's safe at first, even if you have to demean yourself a bit.
    2. Showtime
    3. Make life interesting
    4. Think big
    5. Think bigger
    6. All-out war
    7. Give yourself a pat of the back for a job well done! And celebrate in style!


  • When Stu approaches the mail slot in a fake bush, Garfield's eyes are visible in his bush.
  • When Stu skips out the post office, he is not wearing a mailbag. The mailbag reappears when he is laughing.

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