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Maharishi (Full name: Maharishi Sensei-Bhagwan Chan-Su Gunga Din) is a guru who once mentored Jon Arbuckle and Garfield.

Physical Appearance

He is bald on top, has hair on the side of his head, a large beard and a pink flower in his hair. He is fat and wears a yellow shirt with green circles, yellow pants, a blue and red overcoat and sandals. Near the end of the episode, he wears a blue shirt with yellow sleeves, pink and yellow circles, and blue pants.


He does not believe in the idea of technology or eating processed foods.


Garfield and Friends

Season 3



  • "Maharishi" is the Sanskrit word, महर्षि, meaning "great-seer".
  • "Sensei is the Japanese word, 先生, meaning "a teacher" or "master"
  • "Bhagwan" is the Sanskrit word, भगवान्, meaning someone who is blessed.
  • "Chan" is the Chinese word, , referring to the Buddhist teachings or mediation.
  • "Su" is a Sanskrit prefix, सु-, meaning something that is "good".
  • "Gunga Din" is the main character in Rudyard Kipling's poem of the same name.