Lost and Foundling is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Due to a game of hide and seek, Odie winds up with a girl who wants to keep him.


In the kitchen, Jon has given Odie a new collar with his home address and name so he can be returned safely if he gets lost. He tells Odie not to lose it but he later predicts Odie will lose the collar by the end of the day. While Garfield is sleeping Odie asks if he'll throw the stick so he can fetch it, which Garfield promptly refuses. Instead he asks Odie if he wants to play Hide and Seek which Odie agrees. Saying he'll count to 100 before he starts looking, Odie runs out of the house while Garfield resumes his nap.

Heading out into the neighborhood, Odie hides in an empty crate next to some garbage believing he found the perfect hiding spot. However the garbage truck arrives and carries the trash and Odie along with it to be carried to the dump.


Garfield and Friends
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