Not to be confused with a witch named Lorelei.

Lorelei is a female cat who once tried to steal Garfield from Penelope.

Physical Appearance

At first glance, Lorelei differs from most females in the cartoon, with visibly smaller eyes and lack of lipstick. Her fur has a similar gray tone to Nermal's, which is supplemented with a purple bow on her collar and lavender eye shadow.

Lorelei's distinctive marks are loose hair on cheeks and stomach (identifying her as a longhair breed), a beauty spot on her left cheek, short hairdo, similar lips typical for male cats and a black nose.


Lorelei seems to be focused on attempting to woo Garfield at all costs.

She does not care about the feelings of others, believing in the rule that the end justifies the means. This attitude can be seen when Lorelei manages to tickle Garfield under his chin, while Penelope is watching.


  • Lorelei speaks with a French accent.


Garfield and Friends

Season 6

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