Lord Manfred Dargis is the main antagonist of the second film; he wants to get rid of Prince. He is also the nephew of Prince's former owner. If Prince was to die, he would inherit the throne and the castle.


Live Action Films


In England, the mistress of Carlyle Castle has died and left her fortune to her cat, Prince. Furious with the outcome, Dargis plots to get rid of Prince by throwing the cat into the River Thames. He later reveals to Miss Westminster his plans to get rid of all the animals and turn the castle into a resort and spa. Soon after Smithee returns from London, however, an identical cat known as Garfield arrived. Believing Garfield to be Prince, Dargis redirects his attention to eliminating him, continually foiled by the barnyard animals. Prince eventually returns and with Garfield's help, manages to reveal Dargis' intentions, but he was quick to point a weapon and take Liz Wilson, who was visiting, as a hostage. Unfortunately for him, he was downed from the inside of his clothes by Nigel, and was taken to justice by the police.

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