Long Lost Lyman Part 2 is an episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Odie becomes very sad when he is reminded of his original owner, Lyman. Eventually, he, Garfield and Jon head out to look for Lyman.


Jon prepares to drive Drusilla and Minerva home. Just before they leave, Drusilla and Minerva manage to dress Garfield up (which he likes somewhat). Throughout the night, Odie howls so loud that almost no one can sleep. Garfield tells Odie that he feels sorry for him. Squeak feels the same. Odie remains sad, however.

Garfield says that he will be a hero, by the name of Woodsy Smith, using his imagination. Odie and Squeak eventually join him. The trio go on a pretend adventure to save Lyman, flying a plane with the number 84 on it. They start flying everywhere around the city. They eventually make their way to Australia via a short cut. They fly into space and make a rough landing in the jungle.

The trio search throughout the jungle, eventually running into the Zabadu. The Zabadu starts chasing them, but is later frightened off by Squeak. Lyman then shows up and Odie is happy to see him again. The imagination sequence ends with Jon calling them. Jon tells Odie that they will go to Australia to find Lyman, which delights Odie.

The next morning Liz arrives to drive Jon, Odie and Garfield (who has a suitcase loaded with snacks) to the airport. Squeak looks after the house (in addition to partying with other mice). Garfield, Odie and Jon take an airplane to Australia. Upon arrival, Jon notes that the jungle is a hundred miles from the airport; their guide, Angie (who formerly worked for Dirk Dinkum), will help them search for Lyman. Angie used to work for Dirk Dinkum but quit as he only cares about animals to sell them for money. Meanwhile, Dirk tells his assistant Buckley to follow Jon as soon as he arrives. Angie meets Jon, Garfield and Odie after they head out of the airport.


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  • During Garfield's imaginary adventure, an elephant and a tiger are seen in Australia, when neither animal actually lives in that continent.




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