Long Jon's Portrait.

Long Jon Arbuckle was Jon Arbuckle's ancestor during the American Revolution.

Between the two centuries of the Revolution and his descendant's arrival to Yorktown, Virginia, the locals believed he was a traitor for his most famous act, the theft of important maps when he captured the warship Endeavour at the mouth of the Potomac River. In truth, he was a spy for General Washington during the latter's days as a surveyor. When he faced the Endeavour, she had been captured by the British and the maps were in fact forgeries. It, along with his letter of commendation, would not be discovered until Odie drooled on Long Jon's diary, exposing the writing made in invisible ink. Garfield found the letter had been hidden inside Long Jon's cat's dish (which had a false bottom). With the discovery of the letter, Long Jon's legacy was redeemed with the opening of a museum dedicated to him.


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