Lola is a cat Garfield encountered once on a beach and became romantically interested in, despite competition from Bonzo.

Physical Appearance

In Beach Blanket Bonzo and Dessert in the Desert, Lola appears to be the same height as Garfield, wearing a blue, two-part swimsuit with matching eyeshadow in Season 2, and a red two part swimsuit with purple eyeshadow in Season 3. Her body concept had changed in The Garfield Rap, where she appears having a human-shaped body with a black dress.

Regardless of the episode, Lola's fur is white, supplemented by crimson red lipstick - without outlines in Seasons 2 & 3, outlined in Season 5. Her unique trait is a light blue retina color.


Despite having a male partner already in Beach Blanket Bonzo, Lola seems interested enough in Garfield, since she accepted a seaweed gift from him (in lieu of flowers) and they were both about to kiss each other later on. A similar interest can be seen in Dessert in the Desert, where she cannot understand why Garfield thought her to be a mirage.



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