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*"Revenge Of The Cat People"
*"Revenge Of The Cat People"
*"Filthy Fugitives"
*"Filthy Fugitives"
===='''Season 4'''====
*"Lion Queen"
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[[Category:Garfield Characters]]

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Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson (first appearance June 26, 1979) is Garfield's sarcastic veterinarian and the long time crush of Jon. Although she has somewhat of a deadpan sardonic persona Liz rarely reacts negatively to Jon's outlandish and goofball behavior, even finding it endearing on occasion. In the live-action films Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, she became Jon's "girlfriend". In the strip, Jon had attempted to ask her out on a date many times over the years, but rarely succeeded. She sometimes agreed to date him but those outings usually became disaters (often thanks to Garfield tagging along for the ride). However, in a series of strips from summer of 2006, Liz finally admitted that she had feelings for Jon. The two have been portrayed as a couple ever since. In a few of the July 2007 strips, Garfield became jealous of Liz, until they became friends on July 24. In Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, Jon proposes marriage to Liz and she accepts However, this is not mentioned in or connected to the strips. Also in the comics it's suggested that Liz's Birthday is somewhere around July 20th.

Shortly after her first appearance in the strip in 1979, she told Jon her name was not short for "Elizabeth" but for "Lizard", although this was most likely a joke.

In the live-action films, she was portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her first albeit brief television appearance was on the second TV special, Garfield on the Town. Her last was on Arrivederci, Odie! She is voiced by Julie Payne.

She is now appearing more often in the comic strip starting in July 2006, Jon Arbuckle finally ends his entire life of loneliness for the past several years when he and Liz are finally dating together. Jon will often tell Garfield about his dates with Liz or Garfield will follow him on them. On December 31, 2006, it is revealed her private car is a green Volkswagen New Beetle. She has a silver Nissan Frontier in the movie, she now has a grey GMC Canyon.


Comic Series

The Garfield Show

Season 1

  • "Turkey Trouble"
  • "Meet the Parents"
  • "High Scale"
  • "Curse Of The Cat People"
  • "Fame Fatale"
  • "Fish to Fry"
  • "Little Yellow Riding Hood"
  • "Family Picture"
  • "The Last World"

Season 2

  • "Home For The Holidays"
  • "The Spy Who Fed Me"
  • "Dog Days"
  • "With Four You Get Pizza"
  • "Fido Food Feline"
  • "Great Pizza Race"
  • "A Gripping Tale"
  • "Wicked Witches"
  • "Rain Or Shine"

Season 3

  • "Furry Tales"
  • "Laugh In A Can"
  • "Partners In Mime"
  • "Online Arbuckle"
  • "Every Witch Way"
  • "Revenge Of The Cat People"
  • "Filthy Fugitives"

Season 4

  • "Lion Queen"
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