Little Yellow Riding Hood is the thirty-secondUS/thirty-thirdEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


At a picnic area, Odie finds a lost baby wolf, so he takes him home, unaware that the mother wolf is following them.


Garfield and Jon are being chased by a wolf throughout the house, when Garfield asks the viewer to pause the scene. After the pause, he explains how the whole situation happened. In a flashback, Garfield, Jon, Liz, and Odie are at a picnic by the lake. Liz brought a strawberry cheesecake with her. Jon tells Garfield not to eat the cheesecake or else. While trying to resist the urge to eat the cheesecake, Garfield takes a nap. Then, Odie finds a little baby wolf, who is hungry. Odie brings the wolf back to the picnic and accidentally feeds him the cheesecake. Jon and Liz return, whilst Odie hides the baby wolf in the picnic basket. Seeing the cheesecake gone, Jon blames Garfield, who is surprised to find the cheesecake has somehow disappeared. When they go home, the baby wolf's mother follows them, looking for her baby. Odie hides the baby wolf in the garage while Jon tries to come up with a suitable punishment for Garfield, still believing that he ate the cake. Jon later reveals that he is having a porter house steak, baked potato with everything, glazed carrots, satay mushrooms, and a dinner roll and Garfield gets Kitty Crunch cat food. Garfield is angry, complaining that he is being punished for something he didn't do. Suddenly, the mother wolf appears. She chases Jon and Garfield around the house before she is reunited with her baby. Later, the wolves are scheduled to be taken back to the woods. Liz, who had examined the wolf and her cub, reveals that the baby wolf had ate the cheesecake, not Garfield therefore proving his innocence. After realizing the truth, Jon felt regretful and offers to make Garfield a meal as an apology for not listening his story about cheesecake incident. As the wolves are sent back to their natural habitat, Odie misses the baby wolf.


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  • In this episode, Garfield's voice is slightly higher than normal.

Cultural References


  • When Jon said "that yummy piece of steak," he puts the whole steak in Odie's bowl.

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