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The Little Girl once let Garfield live at her house. She also owns an extremely aggressive bulldog named Boopsie. She is the main antagonist of Garfield's Moving Experience. Her parents do not appear, and she seems to be a rich girl who lives by herself.

Physical Appearance

The little girl has yellow hair with pigtails. She wears a blue jumper with a white shirt underneath, a light blue skirt, white socks, and blue shoes.


She is very sweet and nice, and rich, however, she uses random words like "nappy", "nappywappy" and "kittywitty" when she is with Garfield. She owns a brown, big, and aggressive bulldog who she calls Boopsie. Boopsie always chases cats. The girl calls this large mansion she sometimes lives in a "weekend home" in which Garfield thinks it is called Texas. Garfield once says, "Kittywitty is getting sickywicky."


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