Little Angel is the one hundred and tenthUS/EU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Jon adopts a little cat named Angel, unaware of how his true, sinister nature.


Jon and Odie are taking a nice walk in town, when they meet a kitten named “Angel”, who is as cute as a button. Jon decides to let him stay in the house until they can find him a good home, much to Garfield’s irritation. Odie gets mad and starts chasing Garfield outside, until the orange cat reluctantly agrees to let Angel stay.

Back inside, Angel turns out to be a cruel, greedy, and evil troublemaker, who starts wrecking the house and getting Garfield blamed for it. First, he devours the whole kitchen and leaves a mess. Then, he messes up the living room. Finally, he tears up Jon's curtains. Jon then throws Garfield out of the house as punishment. 

Outside, Harry tells Garfield that Angel is not a kitten and he is in fact, older than Garfield; he apparently shaves himself to make him look like a kitten. He also tells him that animal control has been out to get him for some time. To get rid of Angel and bring him to justice, Garfield tells him that there is a gourmet chef down the street looking for a cute kitten, and Angel goes to the address to live there. It turns out that Garfield sent Angel to Al the Dogcatcher’s house, and Angel is captured. Garfield and Odie watch Angel get taken to the pound, believing that to be the last they have seen of him. Garfield then uses Angel's act to get a nearby man to give him some pizza.


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  • At times, Angel's mouth appears to be out of sync when he talks.

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