TV specials

Released by CBS/Fox Video. The latter two were re-released by Fox Kids Video.


Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.


  • A Japanese LaserDisc featuring Garfield on the Town and Garfield in the Rough was released. [1]
  • Another one, whose content has yet to be identified, appears to have been released on May 11, 1986. [2]


The Garfield Show DVDs released by Vivendi Entertainment. All others released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

TV specials

Garfield and Friends


Each volume has three discs, with eight episodes on each disc (except for the third disc of Volume 5, which has nine episodes).

Episodes are presented in the original broadcast order, with most Quickies intact.

Themed Compilations


Live Action


The Garfield Show


French (Garfield & Cie)


  • The "Garfield Goes Hollywood" VHS was also released as part of a Fox Kids Video Collection, along with "The Tick vs. Arthur" and "Where's Waldo: The Birthday Blowout." [3]
  • The Garfield and Friends DVDs use the international prints of episodes, thus U.S. Acres is referred to as Orson's Farm in the title cards. "U.S. Acres" appears on the box sleeves, jewel cases, and episode menus.

Cultural References

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