Lemon Aid is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon wins a "new" car from a con man.


Jon walks into the kitchen, asking Garfield for his shoes. He finds Garfield making a tall sandwich. Due to Garfield's occasional tendency to get carried away when making meals, the sandwich includes Jon's shoes. When his phone rings, it turns out to also be in Garfield's sandwich. The caller, Al Swindler, informs Jon that he will win a new car if he can answer a question correctly, which Jon does inadvertently. Exhilarated, Jon heads to his car with Garfield and Odie (who was also in the sandwich).

A disguised Al Swindler buys the car from him and drives the trio to the car lot. Garfield claims that Jon should not have sold the car, while Jon feels it was a worthwhile endeavor. They soon find Swindler, who shows Jon his "new" car that he won- an old, worn down car. Jon reluctantly drives away, with the car eventually breaking down. Swindler, disguised as a mechanic, suddenly shows up, offering to do repair work for a large sum of money. When Jon says he could get a new car for Swindler's calculated price, Swindler returns as his car dealer persona, offering to sell him a car back at the lot.

When they return, Al Swindler shows Jon his old car, which Jon eventually recognizes. Swindler offers to sell it for $1500 when Jon sold it for $500. Garfield and Odie try to help Jon by going to a costume store, where they get a police uniform and hat. As Jon and Swindler argue over who owns Jon's car, Swindler encounters the "officer", who informs him that the lemon car is in a no parking zone. Jon reasons that since it is in Swinder's name, he must move it to avoid getting a ticket. He gets in the car and starts the car, which soon goes out of control.

Jon and his pets follow Al Swindler to save him from disaster. They eventually arrive at a pier. After a bit of haggling, Garfield gets Swindler out of the car shortly before it crashes into the water. Jon gets his car back for the amount he sold it before, with a supposedly reformed Swindler leaving afterward. As the trio get ready for lunch, Swindler shows up with a cart selling hot dogs. The trio speeds away, leading Swindler to say, "It's getting tougher and tougher to make an honest dollar these days".



  • The title of the episode is a play on "lemonade". It also refers to defective cars (i.e. lemons).
  • This is the first episode of the series to feature Al Swindler (who refers to himself here as "Al J. Swindler").

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