Learning Things is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


A network executive brings The Buddy Bears into Garfield's show to make it educational. This interferes with Garfield's routines when the bears provide lectures and explain the jokes to the audience.


The episode opens up in the backyard of the Arbuckle house, where Garfield dresses up as an artist to pull a prank on Odie. A network executive then appears, telling Garfield that he expects his show to have educational elements for the target audience. This results in the Buddy Bears contributing to the show, much to Garfield's frustration.

Garfield tries to go back to what he was doing, only for the bears to keep interrupting his actions and thoughts with lectures and explanations of the jokes. When he tries to prank Odie with his artist disguise, the bears talk about Leonardo da Vinci (whom Garfield is impersonating), speaking Italian (which Garfield does badly), and painting (as Garfield proceeds to do so on Odie). He decides to go eat, but the bears ruin his appetite by telling him the contents of his snacks.

Garfield tries to escape the bears, only to persistently encounter them explaining everything Garfield does and says. Garfield eventually comes up with a plan to get rid of them. He returns to the bears and tells them to talk about "Gazorninplats". Since the bears are unfamiliar with the term, they decide to go look it up; they are ultimately unsuccessful, so they leave the show.

Just as Garfield figures everything is back to normal, he finds the executive, who express intrigue at the "Gazorninplats", despite Garfield's insistence that he made up the term. The executive informs him of a new show, "The Gazorninplat Hour", which will replace Garfield's show. "The Gazorninplat Hour" then starts, as Garfield continues to protest about the ordeal.


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  • The U.S. Acres segments were formerly focused on social lessons. 
  • Ironically, there is an educational Garfield website called "Professor Garfield".
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