Lasagna Tree: The Big Broadcast is the twenty-ninth episode from the fourth season of The Garfield Show, and the fifth part of The Lasagna Tree five-parter.



At Mama Meany's factory Rupert and Lloyd tell him that they can't get the door open, so Mama Meany tries knock the door down with a wrecking ball. Meanwhile. Garfield and Odie try to save the Lasagna Tree by eating all the lasagna on it. Just as Mama Meany finally gets the door open the Lasagna is all gone. The scientists arrive and inform Mama Meany and his henchmen that the Lasagna Tree was just lasagna stapled to a tree. Mama decides to get the recipe for the lasagna instead and knows just how to get it.

At Mama Cappelletti's house Mama Meany makes a deal with John and the others. They give him Mama Cappelletti's lasagna recipe in exchange for Garfield and Odie. Seeing no other choice, Mama Cappelletti gives Mama Meany the recipe and he lets Garfield and Odie go who come up with an idea. Mama Meany claims that with the recipe he will be able to drive out every Italian restaurant in the word starting with Vito's. Everyone retaliates by saying how awful Mama Meany is but he claims he doesn't care what people think of him as long as he is rich, stating that if he needs respect he can just buy it, meanwhile Garfield grabs the remote for Eddie Gourmands robotic cameraman. Eddie Gourmand claims he will never respect Mama Meany because of his awful food then Garfield secretly makes the robot active a world wide satellite transmission on Mama Meany.

Mama Meany unwittily broadcasts to the whole world about how he knows how bad his food his and how stupid people are for buying it. He claims that he keeps lowering quality and raising prices and still people will come in to eat his food thus making him very rich. He also states that anyone who eats at his restaurants has no taste and no brain. Just as he is finished talking, Eddie Gourmand notices his robotic camera man broadcasting Mama Meany all over the world much to everyone's surprise. Admitting defeat Mama Meany, Rupert , and Lloyd take their leave. Mama Cappelletti then announces to everyone that she will be making the best dinner in their entire lives and goes inside the house to get ready. While Vito shows gratitude toward Gunsio for helping his mother with his Lasagna Tree. Garfield then asks the robotic Cameraman to project a flash forward to the long term effects of their story, which it does.

As a result of the broadcast, no one who saw it will ever set foot into a Mama Meany's restaurant again so as a result most of them will go out of business. Mama Meany will even desperately try to get someone to eat at his restaurant by doing a silly dance but the man just leaves in disgust. Mama Meany declares that he might as well throw all the food away and close the place, his manager agrees that he made that decision at a great time just as the garbage truck is arriving. The garbage men driving the truck are revealed to be Rupert and Lloyd because they were the only jobs they could get after Mama Meany fired them. Everyone will go to Vito's for Italian food and Garfield pictures them to be very buzzy that they would have to take on more help from Vito's cousin Gunsio. After the flash forward, Garfield wonders if Mama Meany could have saved his empire by using Mama Cappelletti's recipe for the best lasagna in the world, which he answers "no." Knowing Mama Meany he would not have made right, he would just use cheap ingredients and cheaper labor, but even if he used the same ingredients it would not turn out right based on how Mama Cappelletti cooks with love and perfection.

Mama Cappelletti announces that dinner will be ready in an hour, which Garfield can't wait for so he shares a little secret with Odie. Even though lasagna does not grow on trees, burritos grow on bushes which Garfield and Odie snack on. Dinner has started and everyone is singing about their adventure in Italy and with the Lasagna Tree.



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