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Larry Lark is a one-time character who annoyed Garfield with his song.

Physical Appearance

He wears a blond toupée, a light beige shirt, a red tie, a green and purple jacket, a white flower, pink pants, and green shoes.


Lark appears to be a charmer as he has managed to get several people to sing his song. He is also shown to be a gleeful person, shown when he didn't get angry after Irving Burnside kicked him out of the house.


Next Door Nuisance

After Garfield steals Irving Burnside's barbecue grill, Burnside decides to move out of the house by putting it up for rent. Larry Lark, a singer and actor, quickly takes up the offer, and pays Burnside, who gives Lark the lease. As Garfield tries to sleep, Lark begins to sing his signature song, which Garfield labels as horrible. Garfield forces Jon Arbuckle to go and tell Lark to keep the noise down. Lark invites Arbuckle into his house, where he is able to get Jon to do a duet with him after convincing the latter that he has the lips of a singer. Garfield is again woken by the noise, before sending Odie to stop the song, only to hear that the dog has joined the two. Garfield in retaliation phones the "Police", the "Humane Society", the "Noise Abatement League", every "music lover" in town and the "National Guard", who all join Lark in song. Later, Garfield manages to get Burnside to return, who kicks Lark out of his house.

Episode Appearances

Garfield and Friends

Season 6