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Lanolin Sheep is a U.S. Acres character and the second-to-last introduced main character in the strip (before Bo).

Physical Appearance

Lanolin resembles Bo, except she has wool on her ears, a light pink bow on her head, eyelashes, and blue eyelids.


Lanolin is responsible and hardworking, but she is also the polar opposite of her brother: mean, rude, loud, disagreeable and short-tempered, though she tends to deny this. She and Bo usually disagree over petty things, although there are times when the two can agree, usually when it comes to helping the gang out. She is very blunt in her speech and is rarely in a good mood.

In the comic strip, she was much more abrasive and disrespectful than in the television series. She revealed that she has wider arms and fingers than Roy during a fight, and was the only one who could put Roy in his place. In fact, she and Roy seem to enjoy picking fights with one another. She also seems to love pranking Roy as much as Roy loves pranking others.  At one point, she is revealed to like "Romeo and Juliet" because the couple dies at the end.

Deep down Lanolin loves Bo, but she has a funny way of showing it because he isn’t so bright and she always mistreats him.

Despite her bad qualities, Lanolin does have her kind moments, as shown when she holds Roy's beak closed while she and the other barn animals complimented the scraggly tree Bo had brought back. She also sometimes shows genuine kindness to Orson (mainly in the cartoon) as he seems to be the first person outside of Lanolin's family to show any kindness to her. She can also be protective of Bo when he is in danger. 


  • She is named after the sheep bearing product known as lanolin, which is a wool grease.
  • As shown in the November 20, 1987 strip and "Rooster Revenge", Lanolin's favorite food may be strawberry ice cream. In the November 20, 1987 strip, Bo teases Lanolin about strawberry ice cream supposedly being served for dinner instead of the usual slop, which causes her to drool at the very thought. In "Rooster Revenge", she, Booker, and Wade are enjoying strawberry ice cream. 
  • Other than Blue, she is the only female U.S. Acres character.
  • In the TV series and early books, her bow is blue. In clipart, her bow is pink.
  • In the cartoon, although she is shown to be grumpy, she is nice (at times) to Orson (possibly due to Orson showing kindness to her).
  • Lanolin appears the least often out of the main characters in the cartoon.
  • In the cartoon, Lanolin is often shown doing laundry, even though none of them wear clothes, as Roy points out in one episode.