Land of Later is the one hundred and twelfthUS/EU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


A group of sloth people plot to take over the world by turning everyone into procrastinators.


In an underground city deep beneath the Earth's crust, a group of sloth people, lead by King Glorm, plan to take over the upper world by turning everyone into procrastinators. Up above, Garfield is watching television, refusing to throw a stick for Odie and taking out the trash for Jon. The narrator claims that Garfield is an extreme procrastinator. Soon after, huge crystals from the city rise up and send out mysterious rays that turn everyone into procrastinators. Before they travel up above ground, King Glorm mentions that if someone who was already a procrastinator were to get hit by the rays, they would become extremely hard working. The king then dismisses the notion that such an event would happen.

When Garfield gets hit by the ray, he becomes extremely productive. He takes out the trash, delivers a package to Aunt Ivy, and throws the stick for Odie (even though Odie himself has become a procrastinator). Since he is the only being who is productive, he cannot seem to get anyone to cook lasagna or do anything for him (with even the narrator refusing do anything as well).


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  • When the episode aired on Cartoon Network in the U.S., it was preceded by a Garfield short after the commercial break.

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