La Porte (Eng. The Door) is the fifth episode of Garfield Originals.


This shows scenarios taking place at the door, specifically, the pet door.


The first scenario has Jon opening the door for Odie to go outside. He then opens the door for Garfield to go in. After opening the door for Odie, he gets annoyed and installs a pet door. Garfield, Odie, Arlene and Nermal enter through the pet door. Jon notices this when calling Garfield and Odie for their food. He sees that Arlene, Nermal, a rabbit and a bear was also there.

The second scenario has Garfield about to walk in but Odie opens the pet door, hitting him. Garfield gets angry and uses the pet door to hit Odie back. After hitting Garfield again, Odie gets chased by him. Odie runs back to the pet door and moves it up to make Garfield hit the door and exits.

The third scenario has Garfield and Odie trying to enter and exit at the same time. They both struggle to open the pet door but fail due to the fact they are opening the door at different sides at the same time. They both start to go back to break the door down but they break the door off and they both walk with their feet being the only one showing.

The fourth scenario has Jon watching Odie and Garfield going in the house with the pet door and goes in but gets his head stuck. Garfield and Odie see this and run offscreen and come back with a wig and a makeup kit. While Garfield and Odie give Jon a makeover, Herman Post walks by to give Jon his mail. Jon gets his head unstick and Herman sees him and, thinking he's a woman, flirts with him. Jon looks in the mirror and sees his makeover.

The fifth and final scenario has Garfield trying to get in the pet door and gets stuck. Odie notices and tries to get him unstuck. After Odie succeeds in doing so, Garfield exits, with his body stretched.


Major Characters



Jon Arbuckle

Minor Characters





Herman Post


  • The gag of other animals entering through the pet door was adapted from the comic on August 25, 1987.
  • The scene where Odie pulls the pet door higher making Garfield hit the wall was probably reused from the comic on October 1, 1992
  • Scenario 5 is adapted from the comic on June 8, 2014.
  • For reason, Jon has a make up kit and a wig.


  • Whenever Jon opened the door before getting the pet door, said pet door was already there.
  • In the title card, it shows nothing in the pet door despite the scene where that was taken from (scenario 4) has Jon in the pet door.
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