"It's the Klopman Diamond. A rare and priceless gem, as well as a pointless running gag on a popular Saturday morning cartoon series."

The Klopman Diamond is a legendary diamond said to have a curse on it.

It is best known for being a running gag in Garfield and Friends, first referenced to by a cellmate in the U.S. Acres episode "Wanted: Wade".


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  • The joke was featured in Garfield's Pet Force as The Klopman Crystal, a powerful diamond Vetvix was after.
  • In a few episodes of The Garfield Show, Garfield watches a documentary named Who Stole The Klopman Diamond.
  • The origin of the Klopman Diamond is an old joke usually associated with either Myron Cohen or Johnny Carson. Mark Evanier loved this joke so much that he put a reference in the scripts. According to him, at the recording session, all the actors instantly recognized the joke.[1]
  • In Lion Queen: Zoo Melody, the diamond is said to be owned by Spencer Spendington.


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