Not to be confused with Miss Kitty from The Garfield Show or Miss Kitty from Garfield and Friends.

Kitty is Sam Spayed's secretary in Garfield's Babes and Bullets.

Physical Appearance

Due to the noir setting, Kitty has light gray hair that parts in the middle, and dark gray lipstick. She wears a dark gray, short sleeved dress with white color collar, a white belt and dark gray shoes.


Kitty is shown to be a soft-spoken girl, who was best known for the coffee she made. She was originally in love with her former employer, even though he had no feelings toward her, as he was married. Sad, she left her work at the university and found Sam Spayed offering a job. She has also been shown to be emotional, crying when Sam confronted her about the case. After the case is solved, she begins to fall for her new employer, and the special ends with the two seemingly in love.


Garfield's Babes and Bullets


TV Specials


  • It is possible that her real name is "Katherine"/"Catherine" as "Kitty" is a diminutive of the name.
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