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Kitten And The Council is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Nermal is ordered to appear before the Kitty Council for being too cute, much to the delight of Garfield.


While Garfield is sleeping at home, Nermal grooms himself and agrees to help Jon in changing the blanket in Garfield's bed. The process goes smoothly - Nermal's way of welcoming Garfield causes the latter to jump, giving Jon enough time to swap blankets before Garfield lands in his bed. Having regained consciousness, Garfield notices the blanket he landed on lacks pizza smell, a scent that gives him good dreams. Jon mentions that changing Garfield's bed blankets without Nermal's help is impossible to carry out.

Nermal receives a letter from the same Mail Cat who brought Garfield the call to the Kitty Council. The kitten is delighted by the delivery, much to Garfield's disgust, until it turns out that Nermal has been called to the Kitty Council. This results in Nermal's breakdown and Garfield's pleasure, as he is celebrating Nermal's doom. Nermal does not find Garfield's outburst of joy funny.

All night long, Nermal is stressed, imagining his fate in front of the Kitty Council. Garfield uses his breakdown to play revenge on waking him up in the beginning of the episode. In the morning, Nermal reluctantly attends the council and Odie interrupts Garfield's dreams about the world without Nermal. It turns out that Garfield forgot to set his alarm clock to see Nermal's trial in the council, so he heads there followed by Odie, who is interested in saving the kitten.

During his trial at the Kitty Council, Nermal is accused of being "too darn cute" by the council chairman.

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