King Nermal is the eleventh episode (in the U.S.) and thirteenth (in Europe) from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Nermal spends ten days at Jon's house meaning Garfield and Odie have to be nice to him and follow his orders.


Nermal's owner is out of town for ten days, so he has to live in Garfield's house. When Garfield refuses to play with him, Nermal fakes breaking his leg to get back at Garfield. Garfield and Odie are then forced to serve Nermal while he recovers; he even eats all of Garfield's food. When Garfield and Odie find out his secret, they try to tell Jon the truth, but he doesn't believe them. He grounds Garfield and Odie and he sends them out of the house during the rainstorm. When Garfield and Odie go back into the house to get back at Nermal, Nermal's bandage unravels. Soon, Garfield and Odie fall down the stairs and break their bones, leaving them in casts and unable to eat solid food for weeks. Furthermore, Nermal will stay with them while they recover.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • The music from the radio in this episode was also heard in Fish to Fry.
  • Garfield mentions the episode title when he says "That's it! I'm through taking care of King Nermal."

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