King Nermal is the eleventhUS/thirteenthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Nermal spends ten days at Jon's house meaning Garfield and Odie have to be nice to him and follow his orders.


Nermal's owner is out of town for ten days, so he has to live in Garfield's house. After seeing Garfield and Odie kick Nermal out twice, Jon scolds them, forcing them to put up with his visit. They try to resume watching TV, but Nermal intentionally gets in front of the screen to make them do what he wants to do. Garfield and Odie brush aside Jon's threat from earlier and launch him right onto the patio. Seeing an opportunity, Nermal decides to fake breaking his leg to get back at them. Angry, Jon orders his pets to be nice to Nermal while he "recovers".

Garfield and Odie are then forced to treat Nermal; Garfield feeds him cookies while Odie gives him a back massage. Nermal, being ungrateful for their forced work, orders Garfield to get more cookies and for Odie to put more muscle into his massage. Fed up with him, the cat and dog duo tell him off, Garfield mostly, and leave. However, Jon decided to make them a lasagna treat for taking care of Nermal. Wanting their reward, Garfield and Odie return to their position. When they walk back into the living room, they see Nermal haven gotten up to get some cookies Garfield threw on the ground, exposing his faked injury. Ticked, Garfield and Odie prepare to beat him, but Jon walks in and grounds them, sending them to the kitchen while Nermal stands on the chair, taunting them. The pair try to show Jon what Nermal's doing, but he does not see Nermal standing when he turns around, making him angrier.

As Garfield and Odie sit in the kitchen, they see Jon giving Nermal the lasagna he had made for them, along with a bell to ring him in. Nermal spots them eyeing them and slowly eats the lasagna to mock them. Garfield prepares to claw him but is prevented by Odie who needed to tackle him to stop his pounce, knowing that Nermal could call in Jon's attention with the bell. Wanting to anger them even more, Nermal walks in the kitchen, perfectly fine. This was his mistake, as Garfield throws him inside the trashcan and traps him by putting books on the top. Jon comes in, so they try to make noise with the stereo, but Jon turns it off and hears Nermal ringing his bell. Believing that his pets had once again disobeyed him and harmed Nermal, Jon yells at them to get out of the house. As they leave, Garfield warns Nermal that his injury won't be fake for long as he slams the door behind them.

At night, while it is raining, Garfield and Odie watch Nermal tease them from inside the house. As Jon leaves to work in his office, Garfield and Odie sneak back inside and carefully cut the bell's stem off with the ball. They expose their hidden status to Nermal. Still believing he could call Jon whenever he wishes, Nermal shakes his bell, except no noise, comes out. He then "apologizes" to them as they start to surround him. They are able to get a couple of hits in until Nermal runs upstairs. In the process, Nermal's bandage unravels as he arrives in Jon's office, who thinks that his leg had healed. As Garfield and Odie begin to take their leave, annoyed, they trip over the bandage and fall down the stairs and break their bones, leaving them in casts and unable to eat solid food for weeks, with Jon sitting in front of them, while taunting them with solid food. Furthermore, Nermal will stay with them while they recover.


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  • The music from the radio in this episode was also heard in Fish to Fry.
  • Garfield mentions the episode title when he says "That's it! I'm through taking care of King Nermal."

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