Kind to Kittens is the one hundred and ninthUS/EU episode from the third season of The Garfield Show.


Mayor Grafton seeks approval from the public by establishing a law enforcing niceness to cats. He then gets a group of robots to enforce the law.


A group of police officers travel through the city, with Mayor Grafton in a police car. When they drop him off at Vito's for lunch, a reporter approaches him, asking him about numerous scandals. Grafton is also questioned about doing any good for the city. After giving pizzas to Garfield and Odie, Vito suggests that Mayor Grafton pass a law to penalize people for not being nice to cats. Intrigued, Grafton takes the idea for himself and presents it to the reporters.

Back at the Arbuckle household, Jon gives Garfield one of his sandwiches, then expects Garfield, who is watching television, to take out the trash. Grafton then appears on the news to declare a new law: that people who are not nice to cats will get a fine. Professor Bonkers has also created robots to detect transgressors and fine them. Garfield then leaves the house without taking out the trash. When Jon tells Garfield to return, a robot gives him a ticket fining him for $20.

Garfield continues to take advantage of the new law by coercing people into doing favors for him. This eventually causes people to stay away from him. When Garfield encounters Nermal, he prepares to mail him to Abu Dhabi. After a robot stops him with a fine for $600, Garfield becomes fed up with the law and seeks out to get it abolished.

Garfield arrives at city hall, where he is stopped by a security guard. Due to the law, the guard eventually relents. Upon entering Grafton's office, Garfield overhears Grafton on the phone, discovering that the new law was merely a scheme to steal money. Garfield then takes the plan away from Grafton, which results in a chase throughout city hall. Grafton eventually catches Garfield and takes back his plan, only for robots show up and fine him. This leads to Grafton unwittingly confessing his scheme to the reporter from earlier. Garfield then leaves, advising Grafton not to plan his re-election campaign.

Back home, Garfield and Odie watch the news, where the reporter says that Mayor Grafton has been arrested. Jon thanks Garfield for bringing Grafton to justice, then wonders about the fate of the robots. The robots then arrive to pass out fines for bad sandwiches, having been reprogrammed by Garfield.


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  • The robot broke the law when it gave Garfield a ticket.



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