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Kimmy was a woman Jon Arbuckle once dated in 1990.

Physical Appearance[]

Kimmy is shown to have a black bob cut, and wear golden rimmed glass. At the Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Pottery, Kimmy is wearing alizarin crimson lipstick, a light hot pink sweater and a pure white apron.

When Jon takes her out, she is wearing a purple-pink lipstick, a dark periwinkle dress with a collar, and light fuchsia high heels.


At the Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Pottery, Kimmy is originally shown to be a well-mannered, quiet woman. This soon changes when Jon takes her on a date, and she becomes loud, rude and overall obnoxious. She is also shown to like Jon and his company, and is easily pleased by compliments. This is likely due to the fact she was raised by wolves. She also desplays feral traits, such as eating with her hands, scratching her head with her foot and howling at the moon.


23/11/1990 - 01/12/1990[]

Bored with his life, Jon decided to take a class at the "Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Pottery", where he met Kimmy. Jon quickly asks her out, which Garfield is opposed to, claiming there's something odd about her (making clay eyebrows being one). While on the date, Kimmy becomes obnoxious by yelling and acting immaturely, which makes Jon uncomfortable and embarrassed. She soon reveals to him that she was raised by wolves, and was only found by civilization the Friday before their date. Jon returns home, before finding that Kimmy is on top of his car roof, howling at the moon.


Depressed that he hasn't had a date in months, Jon calls Kimmy to try and ask her out.