Her first appearance.

Kimmy is a girl Jon dated in 1990. Jon met her in the Leonardo da Vinci academy of pottery and asked her out. During their date, spanning several strips, Kimmy became loud and obnoxious by yelling and acting immaturely making Jon uncomfortable and embarrassed. Eventually Kimmy announced she was raised by wolves. The date ends with Kimmy on top of Jon's car, howling at the moon. On May 30th of 2004 (a Sunday strip), Jon calls Kimmy to try and ask her out because, at the time, he hadn't had a date in months.



Her latest appearance

  • Unlike almost all of the women Jon asked out for a date, Kimmy agreed to dating him. However, this time it was Jon who didn't enjoy the date.
  • Bertha and Liz are the only other women known who genuinely like Jon.
  • In a behind-the-scenes book that Jim Davis made to state his opinions about Garfield, especially the comic strip called 20 Years and Still Kicking!, Jim Davis said Kimmy was his favorite weird date for Jon.
  • She was raised by wolves.
  • She was discovered by humans the Friday before Jon met her.