Keeping Cool is the second segment of the ninth episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Orson's brothers visit the farm, Orson frets about what they will do to him, while Bo tries to teach him how to remain calm.


Orson is trying to "mud surf" while Wade runs around the farm in a panic, eventually crashing into Orson. Orson tells him that he has no reason panic, only to panic himself when Wade informs him that his brothers are coming to visit. Orson then explains that back in his youth, his brothers used to play runt ball with him, using him as the runt.

Bo then arrives, encouraging Orson to stay cool. He sings a song about keeping cool, persuading Orson to do just that. When his brothers arrive, he runs off. When the brothers ask Bo of Orson's whereabouts, Bo demonstrates his ability to avoid getting mad from their antics. This includes Mort pulling his wool off him and Gort dribbling him like a basketball. They soon give up and search for Orson.

Wade stands by a shed, pretending to be ignorant of where Orson is. When Orson’s brothers approach him, Wade gives in and opens the shed, where Orson is hiding. The brothers then commence a game of runt ball, with Bo eventually coming up to them and suggesting a game of tug-of-war, assuring them that he might get mad if he loses. The brothers agree to the proposition.

The brothers are eventually at one end of a rope, under the assumption that Bo is at the other end. When Bo walks up to them, he reveals that the rope is actually connected to a bus, which soon pulls them off to the next county. Wade shows his surprise at seeing Bo get mad, to which Bo states that he only gets mad when people mistreat his friends. When Orson asks about the bus returning, Bo reassures him by noting his brothers will be in time for a train to California.


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  • This episode marks the animated debut of Orson's brothers. 
  • In the flashback, Orson reads Garfield Worldwide, the most recent Garfield anthology book at the time of this episode’s original broadcast. 


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