Julienne is a character that appears in the Mr. Potato Head strip.


She is a constantly bragging teenage girl who always calls boys on the home phone. Chip always teases her about the boys who call her on the phone, and he tells them her secrets, like the weird wart she has. Julienne constantly gets angry when Chip is teasing her and threatens him with really messed up sentences, like "When I get through with you, all they're gonna' find is parts of your parts!", and she wants attention from his Mom since her mom doesn't understand her that much. She also likes to write in her diary about amazing stuff she saw like that snake Chip showed her.



She has yellow rock-star like hair with a pink leopard head band and a red bulbous nose.

  • Often she wears different headbands in some strips.
  • Once she had a white scarf with black lines and dyed her hair to purple in September 29, 2001, and after that her hair turned back to the normal yellow hair.
  • Julienne wears different types of shoes like sandals or sneakers.
  • She has white feet as shown under her sandals.
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