Not to be confused with Jon's cousin Judy.
Judy (Dream Date)

Judy (voiced by Susan Silo) is a character in the episode Dream Date.

Physical Appearance

She wore a green shirt, a green sweater or jacket, a golden tan skirt, and matching shoes. She had light brown hair, black eyes, and red lipstick.


She is shown to be kind and caring - especially when she was worried about Jon when he was going on his date.


Judy is shown to be a secretary at the studio that produces Dream Date. She seemed to have been one of the very few girls who genuinely likes Jon, as she told Garfield her boss's plan for higher ratings, which she thinks is a nasty, rotten trick. After the plan is exposed, and the show is cancelled, Judy tells Jon that she thought it was real rotten trick they had played on a nice guy like him. After she leaves, Garfield gives Jon a signal telling him that Judy may genuinely like him. Then Jon becomes happy again and asks Judy to pizza.


Garfield and Friends

Season 5


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