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[[Category:The Garfield Show Episodes]]

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Jon's Night Out is the 14th episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Jon's Night Out 2

Seeking the help of a hypnotist due to his difficulty in sleeping, Jon is accidentally programmed to go to sleep (and wake up) when Odie barks.


A crowd is gathered around a construction area, where Jon is sleepwalking on a tower, managing to avoid danger by luck. Garfield tries to wake Jon up, frantically pressing a button on a controller to no avail. Garfield then addresses the viewer, deciding to go back to where the story began.

At the beginning of the flashback, Jon is suffering from insomnia. He tries various methods to get to sleep (such as counting sheep), but none of them work. Eventually, he sees a commercial for Dr. Somnambulo, a sleep therapist who specializes in hypnosis. Desperate, he decides to try out the therapist.

Dr. Somnambulo attempts hypnosis on Jon, which works, despite Jon’s claim that it wouldn’t. With that, Jon is programed to sleep when he hears a sound from a remote control. However, he is inadvertently programmed to instead fall asleep upon hearing Odie bark. No one is aware of this fact at first, though Jon does fall asleep at wake up at suspicious and inconvenient times.

One night, while asleep, Jon sleep walks out of the house, onto a bus, through Vito’s Pizzeria, and into an elevator that brings him up on the tower. Garfield and Odie follow him, trying to find out how to stop him. Eventually, Garfield finds out that Odie’s barking is the actual trigger for Jon’s ability to sleep. They get Jon to stop just before he can step off the tower. He falls off after panicking, but a crew manages to catch him.

Dr. Somnambulo eventually undoes the hypnosis, with Garfield secretly making an adjustment. Jon claims that his insomnia is gone, being well-rested, and decides to go for a walk instead of making lasagna for Garfield. However, Odie’s barking makes him do otherwise.


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  • This is the first and only time that a TV set is seen in Jon's bedroom.
  • This is the first time Liz said Jon's last name; she says it again in Partners in Mime.
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