Jeannie Elias

Jeannie Elias (August 23, 1954) is a Canadian voice actress.

Among her best known credentials are The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (as Princess Toadstool, Shy Guy, and Birdo), As Told by Ginger (as Carl Foutley), and The Oblongs (as Beth Oblong, Creepy Susie, and Mikey Butts). She has also voiced Marcy in Heathcliff: The Movie, Huey Duck in Quack Pack, "Tut" in Tutenstein, Koharu Utatane in Naruto, and Janis in Over the Hedge, as well as characters in the Dennis the Menace and The Pink Panther franchises.


Garfield and Friends

  • Becky
  • Edna W. Fakchecker
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