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Jean Arbinkle is a woman that Jon Arbuckle once dated.

Physical Appearance

Her appearance is similar to that of Jon Arbuckle. She has brown hair, and wears white pearls, a light blue shirt, a brown skirt and brown high heels.


When Jon was desperate to find the right woman for him after his last date was a disaster, he signed up for a computer dating service. When he was done, her name appeared. When she arrived at his house, he saw that she was wearing clothes in the same color as him, and her hair color was just like his. Jon did not want anything to go wrong with Jean, so he sent Garfield and Odie out for pasta.

When they leave, Jon and Jean talk, realizing they have a lot in common. They have so much in common that it starts to become a little bit of a problem. For example, Jean accidentally breaks an antique of Jon's that he had received from his late great-great-great grandmother. Jon eventually said that this could be a dangerous relationship. He even admits that one of him is bad enough. They decide to stay merely friends.


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