hey tim kearns guess what the sound effect you had just heard was the whammy buzzer sound from your favorite game show pressing your luck because you had so totally pressed your luck too far this time by totally rejecting my generous peace offer but you had been foolish enough to stupidly choose war and so i am so totally back with an vengeance as robin hood version of freddy applegate because i am just like famous hero robin hood of committing heroic deeds of robbing/stealing from rich arrogant mean nasty criminal kearns family like tim kearns and rest of garfield wiki to give to poor people who oppose your evil reign of terror of running an third world fascist repressive despotic dictatorship totalitarian regime and even though you had tried to send your sister ali kearns on an mass shooting rampage in nashville tennessee shopping mall it ain't matter because you can never stop me ever because i will win complete and total victory over garfield wiki in near future

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