It's a Wonderful Wade is the second segment of the seventy-third episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Wade's cowardice once again gets the better of him, he leaves the farm in depression. He gets a visit from his guardian angel, who is able to show him what the world would be like without him.


On Harvest Day, Wade has to guard the silo to prevent Orson's brothers from stealing them. When Orson's brothers show up, the animals take charge while Wade hides in a bucket. When the brothers run away (much to Orson's confusion as they put up more of a fight), the animals come back to see that their vegetables are gone and they blame it on Wade and his cowardice. 

Wade sadly walks away, feeling useless and pathetic. He goes to the river and wishes he never existed. His guardian angel appears to show him that his friends still need him. They then visit a world where Wade does not exist, with everything otherwise the same. When Wade sees Orson's brothers stealing the crops from the silo, he realizes that it happened due to his absence. He also figures out how they managed to get the crops. 

When Wade is sent back home, he tells Orson that his brothers managed to dig a tunnel by the tool shed, thus allowing them to get into the silo without anyone noticing. Orson thinks Wade is merely making an excuse for his cowardice. Wade then shows Orson solid proof that his brothers are using a tunnel to their advantage; it is also the reason why they were quick to run away.

Orson apologizes to Wade for yelling at him, and they devise a plan to get the vegetables back. They grab a large hose and douse a large gush of water into the hole, managing to spout Orson's brothers and the vegetables out of the shed. Because of this, Orson says they will get their vegetables back already washed and also tells Wade that the farm is lucky to have him.


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Cultural References

  • The episode's title and plot are a parody of the film It's A Wonderful Life. Wade lampshades this at one point in the episode.

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