Into the Wild: Nermal's First Kiss is the one-hundred and eighty ninthUS/EU episode, and the third part of Into the Wild from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


As Garfield, Odie, and Nermal continue their trek home, they encounter an alligator named Monique and a frog named FanFan who desires a kiss from Nermal.


Having been grabbed by the raccoons, Squeak protests, declaring he'll warn Jon about the situation. The threat doesn't faze them, and they tie him up and put him in a cookie jar. They tell him that they'll devour him when they finish the other food in the house. Meanwhile in the forest, the pets wake up, and Nermal continues to fret over Jon's absence. Garfield still maintains Jon will eventually realise, but at home, Arbuckle tells Liz Wilson on the phone that he is still unable to see properly and is under the assumption Drusilla and Minerva have "dressed" the "pets" in cheap, raccoon costumes.

Garfield eventually gets tired of waiting, and the three decide to use the map to look around. Nermal suggests they follow a nearby river, but is let down that they have no boat. They spot the beavers they previously gave honey and request a canoe be made. The beavers happily oblige and the pets begin to row down the river. Eventually, they realise they no longer have to paddle as the current begins to pull them downstream. The pets hear a loud rushing noise and find themselves moving toward a waterfall. Despite their best efforts to row backward, they fall down. They come up from the water, and remember the map was in the canoe, effectively losing it.

Finding themselves in a swamp, Nermal begins to complain that he should not have to bare the situation, believing himself to be like royalty. A frog named FanFan and an alligator named Monique overhear Nermal and FanFan believes the latter is actually royal. She tells Monique she has fallen for Nermal, and to get a kiss, they should put their "frog to the rescue" plan in action. She presents herself to the pets and Nermal disgusted, refuses to talk to her. Garfield introduces the trio, and asks FanFan if she can guide them across the river. She agrees under one condition: She gets a kiss from Nermal. Nermal immediately refuses her request, revolted and begins to walk away.

FanFan and Monique's plan comes to fruition when Monique pretends to eat Nermal. FanFan acts as the hero, pretending to attack Monique and save Nermal. Nermal is grateful to Fanfan and while reluctant, agrees to kiss her. Before they can secure the kiss, Monique clumsily reveals it was an act. Nermal is offended by pretence and FanFan feeling guilty, apologises to him. As she had heard from her mother that royalty would turn her into a princess, she thought it could happen with Nermal. As she begins to leave, Nermal reconsiders and tells her beauty is actually from the heart. Afterward, she kisses him and finds out she hasn't changed. Despite this, FanFan and Monique agree to guide them across the swamp, and they all continue down the river.


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